How to Hire and Work with a Virtual Assistant for Your Business

So many entrepreneurs wear the 18 hats necessary for running their solo entrepreneurship. And while that’s fine at the start of your business, at some point, you’ll want to hire someone before you burn out and your new company goes down in a pile of flaming mess!


Hire a VA to Become More Profitable

I hired a virtual assistant, or VA, for BCC Business Consulting when I started to feel more like Chief Inbox Email Excavator. Instead of swimming in profits, getting new leads, and great reviews, I felt like I was drowning in emails. Like many business owners, I wanted to focus on the type of work that inspired me to begin my consulting career. Instead, however, I found myself on a never-ending hamster wheel of administrative tasks. Without changing my day-to-day operations, I knew that I’d never experience the exponential growth I envisioned for my business.                            

Even though I had devised proven systems in my business, I was hesitant to add another person to the mix. However, when I found the Linq Consulting Solutions Virtual Assistant Matchmaking program, I realized this would be the solution to finding and hiring a qualified VA match for my business.

I signed up for a consultation. Together with Riah and the Linq team, I created a list of goals that a potential VA would enable me to achieve. Within weeks of our initial conversation, the Linq team had screened and passed along a catalog of impressive, skilled women ready to help out with the work I needed to be done so I could move into my CEO position.                 

Riah and her team take all the stress out of finding the perfect match quickly and easily. I wish I could have hired every candidate I interviewed. They were qualified and eager to grow my company. The highlight of my experience was definitely how quick the process was! It was fantastic to have a qualified candidate hired in under a month.        


Hiring a VA as the Start to Building a Company Team                                          

Linq’s work didn’t stop once I selected my VA match. Helen, my new VA, was more than happy to spend the time needed to review my goals, find out what I needed her to accomplish, and the method of communication to create a harmonious workflow.

I felt supported when I onboarded an out-of-country employee and set expectations on what I should offload. Plus, my assistant takes tasks and runs with them! I don’t have to teach her – she just does it!     

The Linq VA Matchmaking System is solid. My VA Helen is professional, friendly, and flexible. I appreciate her experience with a larger company because she’s helping me build systems that will allow us to scale. She’s helping me build this company from the ground up.                              

With the help of my new virtual assistant, Helen, I can escape my inbox. In addition, I now have time to automate other time-consuming processes such as lead generation. Finally, with so much time freed up by my VA, I can commit to the most essential part of my business – working on my business to scale and grow to become more profitable!