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Hello and welcome to Her First Million! I’m your host, Amanda Bedell, and I’m your resident Business Chaos Sorter. Over the past several months, I’ve been contemplating how to better support more business owners like you. To do that, I have to get real about a really painful time in my life.

Today’s Episode:

I share my journey from running a bakery business that I bootstrapped from a single Farmers Market booth to a brick and mortar with a wholesale manufacturing facility. Despite generating multiple seven figures, I struggled with making a profit. In 2017 and 2018, I faced significant financial challenges, maxing out credit cards and emptying my 401k, which led to selling my company.

What We’re Talking About Today:

  • My Story: From building a gluten-free bakery to selling the business and transitioning into a Business Chaos Sorter.
  • Financial Realities: The importance of understanding and managing your financials to avoid burnout and financial strain.
  • Recurring Themes: How more time and more money can lead to less stress, saving marriages, happier kids, and ultimately a better world.
  • Practical Advice: Steps to achieve financial freedom and why you don’t need an MBA or an accounting certificate to understand your financial position.

Special Announcement:

I’m introducing Her First Million 5-Day Focus! In this immersive educational experience on Zoom, I’ll walk you through the exact framework to build a business reaching seven figures consistently. If you’ve been in business for at least three years and have hit a wall, or if you’re dreaming of what a $1 million business looks like, this is for you.

  • Daily Sessions: 60 minutes a day for five days.
  • Interactive Experience: Real-time interaction with me and a community of like-minded business owners.
  • Accountability: Achievable steps each day to keep you moving towards your goal.
  • Massive Action: By the end of the five days, you’ll have taken significant action that will impact your business for months, if not years, to come.

Wrapping Up:

Your future awaits, and I cannot wait to see you on day one! This is Amanda Bedell, your Business Chaos Sorter, signing off from Her First Million. Don’t forget to subscribe and hit that notification button. I’ll see you tomorrow!

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I’m Your Host Amanda Bedell And Resident

Business Chaos Order I Spent The Last

Several Months Contemplating How To

Support More Business Owners Like You To

Do That Though I Have To Get Real About

A Really Painful Time In My Life In 2017

And Mostly 2018 Back Then I Owned A

Bakery Business One That I Bootstrapped

From A Single Farmers Market Booth To A

Brick And Mortar With A Wholesale

Manufacturing Facil That Generated

Multiple Seven Figures But Very Little

Profit I Was Pissed I Was Angry That I

Couldn’t Figure Out How To Make This

Business Support Me Financially Had All

The Passion Every Day Felt Like I Was

Making A Huge Impact On Life I Loved My

Employees My Customers And My Wholesale

Accounts But As The Years Went On These

Feelings Crept Up I Was Mad At Myself

For Making Far Less Than Any Of My

Employees Including The Apprentices I

Paid From The Local Youth Shelter In A

Program Created To Get Youth Off The

Streets And Into Livable Wage Jobs But I

Didn’t Have A Livable Wage Myself When I

Started The Business I Went Out To Solve

A Problem To Make The Best Gluten-free

Bakery That Existed And To Grow It

Nationwide You See I Had Celiac Disease

And I Wanted To See Kids And Families

Eat Good Food And Walk Into A Warm Place

With A Pastry Case Overfilling With

Goodies All In One Place But Beneath All

That I Wanted The Freedom Away From My

Job I Thought That If I I Could Make

More Money Working For Myself Than I

Could Working For Someone Else Building

Their Dreams So With All That Passion In

2012 I Got To Work To Creating My Future

But Flash Forward To 2019 I Was Broke I

Had Maxed Out Four Credit Cards And

Emptied My 401k I Ran Out Of Personal

Capital To Keep Bu

I Had To Sell My Company And Sell It

Quickly From What I Call This Epic

Business Failure To The Resulting Review

Mirror Moments That I Share Now To

Evolving Into A Business Chaos Order And

Now Serving Nearly 40 Businesses In

Several Different Industries I Can Say

That The Recurring Themes We All Want

Are More Time And More Money At The End

Of The Day Though When Our Financial

Position Is In Order We Have Options We

Also Have Less Stress With Less Stress

We Save Marriages With Saved Marriages

We Have Happier Kids With Happier Kids

Can I Just Say It We Have A Simply A

Better World It’s Simple Right I Saw

Firsthand The Impact One Company Can

Have On A Community By Lifting Up

Employees And The Houseless And I Want

To See More Of That So If You’re Not

Financially Free Meaning Your Family

Can’t Live Without You Working Each Day

You’ve Got To Do Something Different And

It Won’t Help If You’re Like One Of My

My Newest Clients I Had To Stop Her From

Talking Completely And Just Ask Her To

Breathe For One Moment Take A Full


In And A Long Breath Out I Remember The

Shallow Breathing The Tightness In My

Jaw And Actually My Whole Body Because

I’d Hold It Tight All The Time Taking

Those Shallow Breaths And Hiding From My

Financials Or Maybe You’re Staring At

Your Bank Account Just Hoping To Find

Some Light Shining Through But Here’s

The Thing We Aren’t Taught How To

Financially Manage Our Companies We’re

Taught Accounting 101 And That Doesn’t

Help Us But There’s Good News And You

Don’t Need An Mba Or Even An Accounting

Certificate To Know Where You Stand

Financially And How To Get Yourself Out

Of A Cash Type Position Even If You’re

In It Right Now You Just Need The Right

Information In The Right Order Now

Rather Than Just Telling You About The

Transformative Power Of All This I’d

Rather Show You Because If A Picture Is

Worth A Th000 Words That An Experience

Is Worth 10,000 Pictures Right So Drum

Roll Please Introducing Her First

Million 5-day Focus I Can’t Wait To Show

You The Proven Steps And Exact Framework

To Building A Business Reaching Seven

Figures Consistently So If You’ve Been

In Business For At Least 3 Years You May

Have Hit A Wall Or You’re Like Me Where

I I Was At 2 Million Annually But

Working All The Time Or If You’re Right

Around That 500k Year Mark With The

Dreams Of What A $1 Million Business

Look Like On You All You Have To Do Is

Follow The Proven Steps And I’m Going To

Show You How For Free Just Give Me 60

Minutes A Day For 5 Days And I’ll Walk

You Through The Way To A Seven Figure

Framework You Can Use Now And Well Into

The Future Have An Immersive Educational

Experience On Zoom Interacting With Me

In Real Time Experience Connection In A

Room Filled With Like-minded People

Excited To Help Each Other Collaborate

And Grow And The Only Way All This Gets

Done Is With Unwavering Accountability

Each Day You’ll Have Simple Achievable

Steps That Will Get You Through That

Will Keep You Going Towards A Goal By

The End Of The 5 Days So You’re Not Just

Leaving Inspired And Supported But Have

Taken Massive Action That Will Be Felt

In Your Business For Months If Not Years

To Come Your Future Awaits And I Cannot

Wait To See You On Day One This Is

Amanda Bedel Your Business Chaos Order

Signing Off Of Her First Million And

Please Don’t Forget To Subscribe And Hit

That Notification Button And I’ll See

You Tomorrow



Her First Million 5-Day Focus

Give Me Just 60-Minutes A Day…

And Over The 5 Days, You’ll Walk Away With A 7-Figure Framework
And, More Importantly, You’ll Know How to Use It To Calm the Chaos Of Growth So Revenues & Profits Soar

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After years of witnessing terrible advice in Facebook groups, LinkedIn threads, and my own MBA program,

I’m about to say something you may find shocking: everything you’ve ever learned about generating leads and growing your business is wrong. Everything you’ve ever heard, you’ve ever tried, and everything you’ve ever done — it’s all wrong.

I know it sounds harsh and could be a hard concept to swallow, but bear with me, please.

You’ve likely tried numerous approaches and spent countless hours and copious amounts of money in the name of marketing.

You’re not alone. And, it’s not your fault. In this brief presentation, I’ll share why all the advice you’ve received doesn’t work, and, more importantly, how to fix it.

Now that you know how to market your business, you can’t unknow it. But, information is just the beginning…. heck, we’ve got information at our fingertips now. The real question is, what are you going to do with this information?

If you’re like me or any of my clients, you’ll feel overwhelmed and stuck in a maze of tasks. You lack the time to be strategic because you’re inundated with phone calls, tight cash flow, and the rest of the fires you put out every day.

But to change that reality, you’ve got to take massive action. If you’re ready, I’m honored to invite you to apply for the HER FIRST MILLION 5-Day Focus.

During this 5-Day immersion, you learn how to ease overwhelm and sort through your chaos to grow your business to 7-figures – or whatever size you want. Plus, you’ll be doing it with a whole lot of fun people who are disrupting industry standards and scaling to new heights. Come ride the entrepreneurial rollercoaster with us!

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International Speaker and Business Coach Amanda Bedell, Named’s Coach of the Year

International Speaker and Business Coach Amanda Bedell, Named’s Coach of the Year

Award Renamed as Adrian Ulsh Coach of the Year Award in 2023


[McMinnville, OR, November 9, 2023] — BCC Business Consulting is proud to announce its founder, Amanda Bedell, as the recipient of’s prestigious Adrian Ulsh Coach of the Year award. Amanda’s dedication and unwavering commitment to empowering small business owners have made her a standout choice for this recognition.

A visionary entrepreneur with a mission to break the barriers that limit small business success, Amanda’s storied journey in business is nothing short of remarkable. From a personal experience building a thriving bakery business in Seattle, Washington, to building a public relations firm and now a business consulting enterprise, Amanda knows firsthand the challenges that business owners face.

Founder of, Karl Bryan, had this to say about Amanda: “We chose Amanda as the winner this year because of her commitment and resiliency. She creates massive results for her clients, which is a given. But, her spirit of generosity makes her a role model in our community as she actively supports other coaches, celebrates their achievements, and helps us create a culture of collaboration and encouragement online and offline.” Karl continues, “This year is particularly meaningful for me, as we chose to rename the Coach of the Year award after my business partner, Adrian Ulsh, battling a serious illness.”

It was announced last year Adrian Ulsh has Parkinson’s Disease. “I’m deeply honored to receive this award with Adrian’s namesake. I started using the Focused platform to build my business while battling cancer. For years, I neglected my health as I bootstrapped my food business, and I’m happy to report that I’m two years in remission,” said Amanda Bedell, who’s known in her community as the Business Chaos Sorter. “Adrian is a brilliant business mind. I can only hope to make a fraction of his impact in the world.”

Amanda’s journey from business setbacks and personal challenges to becoming a beacon of hope in the business world is nothing short of inspirational. celebrates Amanda Bedell’s dedication to her client’s success and personal and professional growth. is the world’s fastest growing Business Coaching Company, with over 1,250 licensees in 49 countries. The Coach of the Year award was given at its annual Business Coaching Mastery event in Cancun, Mexico, on October 24-26, 2023, where 140 of the world’s top business coaches gathered for training and networking. Other award winner recipients included:

  • Rookie of the Year: Marie Temby
  • Martin Howey Award for Outstanding Live Events: Jarvis Gray
  • Innovator of the Year: Regina Bergman
  • Licensee of the Year: Dale Gibbons

For more information about Amanda Bedell, please visit BCC Business Consulting and


For media inquiries, please contact:

Helen Palatis, Executive Assistant BCC Business Consulting


How to Sell to New Prospects

We’ve all experienced the excitement and anticipation of attending a crucial industry networking event. With limited time to spare, we understand the importance of maximizing every opportunity to secure valuable customers. From meticulously selecting the perfect attire to ensuring your business cards are flawless, you leave no stone unturned. However, amidst all the preparations, the question lingers: How can you truly excel at making an outstanding first impression?

Let’s dig into this. Before you put together your approach, you’ve got to be crystal clear on who you want to work with. If you go in with a “spray and pray” approach, you won’t stand out to anyone. First, take a look at your notes and the research you’ve done about your prospects, your target audience. Then, decide which ideal prospect will be the easiest to approach for this event.


Position Your Business 

A great way to start, and separate yourself form your competition is to make the first move by creating free educational content to teach your ideal avatar something that will get them out a pain point they have. Next, build trust by answering their questions and ask them to reach out to you with other questions on your contact form. This genuine relationship building is essential for your future success.

You can also create a free e-book or online course to offer to your leads. This gives them the information they need to solve a pain point from you, the expert. When you create this freebie and market your free giveaway, it should be easy and automated. But, most importantly, your freebie needs to get the person receiving this valuable information on your email list.


Compile Your Prospect List

Start with your lead generation of email leads you’ve made using your freebie giveaway. You’ll want to compile a list of companies you’ve been considering if you’re a B2B business. You never know who will need your service, so send out an offer to everyone on your list that has been identified as your avatar. Don’t overlook obvious choices, whether they are big or small. Even small companies could be big fish in the future.


Considerations on Who to Contact First

Once your list is narrowed down, you need to decide which is the best fish to start with. You need to consider a couple of things:

  • Which have the most purchasing resources to spend?
  • Does their company vision complement yours?
  • What are their employee incentive programs related to your products/services?
  • What’s the company’s real need for you?
  • Will the partnership lead you to new clients and prospects?


Steps to Selling to Your Prospective Clients

Now you should have a target in mind to start with. Then, it’s time to plan your approach and execute that plan. Here’s the step-by-step plan to help you make a good first impression:

  1. Build and analyze your database. Divide your leads into three different categories: hot leads, great fits, and secondary leads.
  2. Send introductory mailings to your target to introduce yourself, your company, services, products, and your vision. They need to be short, clean, and concise. 
  3. Follow up with your first phone call 2-3 days after they would have received the mailings. During the call, find out to whom you need to be speaking in the future and try to set up a meeting with the right person.
  4. Follow up your phone call with another mailing that thanks them for speaking with you and offering more details about your products/services. Use this letter and the opportunity to set up a meeting to do a presentation.
  5. Follow up the letter with another phone call a couple of days after they would have received the letter. This phone call will help you further develop your relationship with the prospective client. You should also be able to set up a presentation meeting with them. 
  6. Call again a week later if they haven’t agreed to a meeting or presentation. Ask if they received your creative letter and if they have a minute when you can stop by and introduce yourself in person.

Now, don’t be upset if you don’t seal the deal right away. Some people simply take a little longer to woo. This can all be a little intimidating at first, but you can’t go wrong when you know you are offering a quality product/service.

Once you’ve gone through this process and made first contact (and hopefully a good first impression), it’s time to put your best face forward, which means sending the right salesperson to seal the deal.

About Last Week’s Rookie Mistake

Last week, I inadvertently sent my weekly email to myself instead of addressing it to the people on my email list. It was an oversight from my adaptation to a new CRM, and I deeply regretted it as it caused confusion and seemed unprofessional.

The funny thing, and I think you’ll relate to this, is my assistant texted me the minute she saw it and promptly said, “Why don’t you have me handle these emails?!” It’s a valid point, and I could come up with countless excuses, but the truth is, I’m deeply committed to personally writing you each week, ensuring timely and relevant topics are addressed. However, there’s often little time between my desire to communicate with you and when I finish writing.

As entrepreneurs, we tend to hold onto tasks, many of which, in retrospect, seem insignificant after a major mistake occurs.

This reminds me of a lesson I learned from my bakery business when I hired my first general manager. I used to come in around 9:30-10am, wash my hands, grab a cup of coffee from behind the counter, put on my gloves and then proceed to rearrange the display, adding pastries here and there to make it look fuller. This went on for months until the GM pulled me aside and asked, “Why do you rearrange the display when you come in?”… I replied, “To make it look more full.”… She responded, “After you’re done, it doesn’t look that different, and when you do that it undermines the work of the staff.”

That conversation was truly eye-opening for me. I realized that I didn’t want my actions to undermine the efforts of my staff, even though I disagreed with how the display looked after they handled it. From that enlightening discussion, we delved into my vision and the importance of a display that appeared abundantly stocked (as a person with Celiac, I understand the disappointment of seeing limited options). We explored the psychology of customers and their purchasing behavior. Together, we established parameters and designed a daily display plan, allowing me to let go of micromanaging.

So, while I won’t stop personally writing about timely topics that I believe will alleviate the chaos of running a business and bring you closer to profit and tranquility, I have decided to give my assistant the time to execute the email with her remarkable attention to detail and organizational skills.

Now, let’s turn this on you and your business. What tasks are you doing that someone else could do better? If you don’t know, start with my Time Audit sheet >>

Let me know what you discover!



✨Rome wasn’t built in a day.

✨Walt Disney was fired from a newspaper because he had “no good ideas”.

✨Abraham Lincoln lost eighteen elections before finally becoming president.

✨Thomas Edison endured 10,000 unsuccessful attempts before perfecting the incandescent light bulb.

And, there isn’t a record of a successful company history that was ever built by a single person.

Until our next communication, remember I’m only an email, text, DM, or phone call away.

Dedicated to your success!


P.S.: I’m beta testing a new product, Flash Coaching, a unique, streamlined system designed with a busy schedule in mind. It’s a blend of self-paced learning (powered by a series of targeted videos you watch at your leisure) and unlimited high-impact 15-minute coaching sessions. This is a perfect way to dip your toe into what it would be like to have a business coach on your side. Intrigued? Let’s connect >>

Unleash Your Business Potential: The Path to $1MM in Revenue Awaits

Today, I had an epiphany while writing this blog post, realizing that what I had planned to share might not be what you truly need to hear right now. So, allow me to take a different approach that I hope resonates deeply with you.

Let’s set aside the noise and focus on Web2 — the powerful realm of social influence that holds immense potential for your business. As a small business owner, the social aspect may have been unintentionally overlooked. Take a moment to reflect on your website. Does it simply resemble an online business card or, dare I say, an outdated Yellow Pages ad? If so, it’s time to shift gears.

Consider this: the conversations your prospects have with their peers carry more weight than any message you can create, regardless of its brilliance. Recent research confirms that peers have become the most trusted individuals globally, making their trust and endorsement crucial for the success of your product or service. This holds even more significance as we navigate an AI-driven world. Building authentic relationships and cultivating social proof will be the key differentiators that set you apart from the competition.

Now, let’s explore the essence of our discussion: how can this understanding propel you toward achieving $1MM in revenue with a high net profit?

  • Clarity: The first step on this transformative journey is gaining a crystal-clear vision of your desired outcome and truly comprehending your market-dominating position. When you possess unwavering clarity, everything falls into place.
  • Focus: Once your vision is defined, it’s time to narrow your focus. Identify the ONE pivotal task that will make everything else on your plate either easier to tackle or entirely irrelevant. Honing in on this priority will pave the way for significant progress towards your revenue goals.
  • Consistent Action: Success isn’t born out of sporadic bursts of effort but through a steadfast commitment to taking consistent action. Remember the sage advice: “Consistency beats talent every time.” Embrace the power of daily, purposeful actions that align with your vision.
  • Results: Armed with clarity, focus, and consistent action, you hold the keys to building the business of your dreams. The transformation you seek is well within your grasp.

You might think, “This all sounds great, Amanda, but how does this work for real?!”

Imagine you set a goal to lose 20 pounds. You have a crystal-clear vision of wearing a specific dress at the upcoming summer family reunion (clarity). You know precisely what steps to take, such as cooking more meals at home, adding exercise to your daily routine, and creating a schedule (focus). And most importantly, you take consistent action (consistent action). When we set out on a goal, the first days are great! But the middle days, like days 17, 18, and 19, can feel discouraging – they last forever, and you feel like you get nowhere. But, if you persist, you’ll reach days 30, 31, and beyond while watching pounds melt away (and a need to buy new jeans!).

Let’s apply this concept to your business efforts to sort through the chaos. What can you do differently over the next 30 days to test the concept? 

Simply reply with how you’ll test this out, and I’ll hold you accountable for the next 30 days.

I hope these insights resonate with you and offer a fresh perspective.


P.S. I’m beta-testing a new program, Flash Coaching— a streamlined system designed to accommodate your busy schedule. It provides a unique blend of self-paced learning through targeted videos and unlimited, high-impact one-on-one 15-minute coaching sessions.

This is a perfect way to dip your toe into what it would be like to have a business coach on your side. Intrigued? Let’s connect >>

Who is Your Target Audience?

Some business owners feel that they need to sell their product or service to everyone – anyone and everyone listening. While that may make sense to some, think about your last purchase. Do you believe that everyone in your family, town, city, or state purchased the same product as you? If they purchased the same product or service, did they also purchase it for the same exact reason?


Why You Want to Have a Targeted Audience

This is why you need to figure out who your ideal avatar is for your business. If you waste time trying to target everyone, you’re targeting no one. It’s like the business owner who hands out business cards in a circle to everyone they meet. Almost no one calls that person because they don’t know what they are about or who they serve. This is how you’ll distinguish your company from your competitors’ services – even if you do the same service. Targeting a specific demographic of who you serve is vital to having a marketing plan that is effective for both your time and money.


Who Should You Target?

The most important aspect of marketing is to know who your ideal client is and why they are your ideal client. Is your ideal client a mom of four who is strapped for time or is it a single woman who has more free time on her hands? These are important elements of your ideal avatar you’ll want to know so you can target your marketing.

What are their purchasing habits? Are they buying products or services from Instagram or do they hangout on Facebook? You need to know who has influence over purchasing, who does the actual buying, and how they buy. 


Ask Your Audience What They Want

Figure out a way to get in front of your ideal audience before you spend money on an ad campaign or a new website. Poll them via email, a phone call, or on social media. Ask them questions that will help you refine your website, your products, or your services. Your name needs to be at the top of their list to buy from so they go to you first. But you need to know why your name is there, and polling your ideal clients is the best way to find out. 


Use Your Avatar’s Lingo

Advertising to millennials is a different game than advertising to Gen Z or zoomers. You need to learn your avatar’s unique language and communication methods. These can include buzzwords and even the nicknames they have for their pets.

How to Efficiently Run Your Business in 2023

Each business is a living, breathing entity in and of itself and will pass through stages as it grows and prospers. Today I’m going to talk about the life cycle of a business and how to get the most out of each cycle while extending your business’s lifespan. Let’s talk about each of your business cycles, what they mean, and how you can grow and expand your business’ lifespan within each life cycle.


Infancy Stage of Your Business

This is generally considered the technician’s phase, which is the owner. At this point, the relationship between the business and the owner is that of a parent and a new baby. An impenetrable bond is necessary to determine the path your business will follow. And remember to never drop your baby.  

The key in the stage of infancy is to know your business must grow to flourish. Although the most exciting stage, this stage, like human babies, is fleeting and will go by very quickly. You’ll have the most passion for your business in this phase and be very excited, but always remember to create a plan of action with a goal at the end so you can keep your business stamina going throughout the other three stages of your business.


Your Business in Its Adolescence

In this stage, you need to start bringing your support staff together to delegate to and allow growth to happen. The first line of defense is your technical person, who needs to bring a certain level of technical experience. This cycle really belongs to the manager, though. Next, the planning stage needs to start, and a relationship should be built with the entrepreneur to plan for the future. 

There’s a point in every business when business explodes and becomes chaotic, also known as growing pains. It’s a good problem to have, but a problem nonetheless. You are faced with several choices at this point in your journey:

  • Avoid growth and stay small
  • Go broke
  • Push forward into the next cycle

Business Maturity

The last cycle is maturity, which doesn’t mean the end of your business. Your passion for growth must continue for your business to succeed. You need to keep an entrepreneurial perspective to push your business forward. 

You can see how all four of these cycles are connected and depend on a strong foundation for your business to succeed. All three of your key roles (the technician, manager, and entrepreneur I mentioned in my previous post) must work together to work through these cycles.

If you’re having trouble putting together your business life cycles and figuring out which of the key roles you fit into, schedule a time to connect with Amanda at BusinessGrowthDemo.

The Importance of Having Support Staff in Your Small Business in 2023

As a small business owner, you know every detail to keep your business running smoothly. As we hire staff, there’s not only a mindset shift but a skill set upgrade many of us must undergo.

My clients often tell me one of two things when discussing hiring support. Either they jump in and tell me about the sales executive or fractional CFO they want to hire… or they are on the opposite side of the spectrum and say they can’t afford to hire help.

For both of these types of entrepreneurs, I give the same advice. Let’s track your time. Seriously.

It seems so simple, yet no one does it, and here’s why: it’s a lot! When you track your time in 15-minute increments for two weeks, you get the data you need to decide who that next hire is. Group together tasks outside your zone of genius and hire someone else to do it.

With this data, you can assign a budget to your new hire. Things to think about before gathering the job description are:

  • How will this generate revenue for your business? 
  • What is the learning curve? How much training time can you expect to get someone up to speed?
  • Realistically think about the time it will take you to train this new employee. 
  • As you train a new employee, your productivity will decrease for a short time. When will you break even on the new hire?

Once we have our roadmap, we can discover who we need to hire.


Hiring a Virtual Assistant

You can hire several types of support staff in your business, and most people start with a VA or virtual assistant. A VA can provide a variety of tasks for your business, depending on the skills of the VA. To find a good VA:

  1. List the skills you need based on your assessment of the time outlined above coupled with your most significant business need right now.
  2. Write up a job description.
  3. Look for someone who can fill that slot and provide quality support in a timely fashion.


Finding a Technician

When hiring a technician, you’re looking for a person who is an expert and a “doer.” Consider hiring a technician for your business for several reasons.

A technician is a trained and skilled professional with expertise in a specific field or area of work. Hiring a technician can bring in someone with the knowledge and skills to handle a wide range of tasks and responsibilities related to your business.

In addition, a technician can help improve efficiency and productivity by completing tasks quickly and accurately. This can free up time and resources for you and your team to focus on more critical duties and responsibilities.

They can also help ensure that work is completed to a high standard, improving the quality of your products or services and helping boost customer satisfaction.

A technician may also have access to specialized equipment and tools necessary for specific tasks. Hiring a technician can bring in someone with the equipment and expertise to handle these tasks effectively.

Hiring a technician can sometimes be more cost-effective than completing specific tasks in-house. For example, suppose you need to repair or maintain specialized equipment. Hiring a technician with the necessary skills and experience may be more cost-effective than trying to train someone on your team.

Hiring a technician can benefit your business, including expertise, efficiency, quality, specialized equipment, and cost-effectiveness.


Onboarding a Manager for Your Small Business

As you grow, there’s simply a point where you can’t do it all. This person takes over the day-to-day and works to fix problems by learning from past mistakes. They are on the practical side of the business.

Consider hiring this essential position for your small business to build a solid foundation for your business to grow beyond you. Finding the right people for this role takes time and a complete mindset shift as you relinquish some control over the company and instill trust in people to allow them to do their jobs. 

If you’re like me and got the entrepreneurial bug, you know this journey has highs and lows. During the high times (this is what makes entrepreneurship so addicting), it’s like you can do no wrong, everything is smooth, and you’re hitting sales goals. It feels so great!

Then, there are the lows. The less than anticipated revenue, staff doesn’t show up, you made a wrong decision, or you can’t get a day off, so your mental health suffers… you know those times. It feels like nothing will go right. During these times, you need someone in your corner who knows the business from all angles. And hint, this isn’t your life partner (wink). 

Remember, BCC Business Consulting is here to partner with you and help you through processes that will get you to a place where you run your business, not the other way around. 


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Five Marketing Pitfalls to Avoid When Planning Your Digital Marketing for 2023

Do you feel like marketing is a mystical creature that some people have seen, but every time you try to find it, it doesn’t show up for you?

Many small business owners feel this way because no matter how hard they try, or how much money they spend, marketing doesn’t work for them.

Unfortunately, this is compounded by the availability of not-so-good marketing advice, especially when you’re a newbie or not familiar with how SEO works.


Digital Marketing Basics to Know

There are basics of digital marketing you’ll want to understand before you jump into planning your marketing for the year. First, you’ll want to list your digital marketing assets, such as your website, blog, email list, and social media platforms. Next, you’ll want to create a digital marketing planner to map out what you will do for the month and year. Then you need to create content pillars or themes you’re going to talk about for the month ahead.


Avoid the Marketing Pitfalls

Especially if you’re new to entrepreneurship or digital marketing, you’ll want to avoid marketing pitfalls to skip wasting time and effort on marketing tactics that won’t work. Here are the five biggest marketing mistakes you’ll want to avoid in 2023.


Marketing Pitfall #1: Forgetting Set Goals for Your Business

You’ll want to establish a goal first before you start marketing. Depending on your niche and lane, your goal could be client or product oriented. You may also have a sales goal. Whatever your profession, think of a relatively easy goal to achieve and write it down. Make sure your goal has a due date. If your goal is big, break your bigger goal down into micro-goals, so you have smaller checkpoints along the way to see if you’re on track to reaching your goal. If you’re not, you can scale back or decide to take a different marketing route to achieve your goal.


Marketing Pitfall #2: Marketing without a Plan

Many people will randomly post on Instagram, create a blog, or send out email marketing without any type of plan. Without a plan, you’re basically throwing mud against a wall, hoping it will stick. You want to create a plan with a theme for your monthly marketing, even if it’s simple. Make all your digital marketing content around that theme so you can track your data and see what’s working.


Marketing Pitfall #3: Assuming the Needs of Your Ideal Client or Customer

You may assume you know what your customer wants, but is it true? The only way to find out for sure is to create a survey asking your potential clients and leads what their biggest pain points are for them in their business. Then you can formulate a plan to help solve what they need.


Marketing Pitfall #4: Using Social Media to Sell

While social media platforms are a great way to showcase your products, your team, you, and your company culture, you’ll rarely sell your products on social media unless you’re specifically running an ad. Instead, use social media to familiarize your clients with your products, how they can solve their pain points, and show your brand personality so they make an emotional connection to you and your business.


Marketing Pitfall #5: Failing to Use Email Marketing

Email marketing, although it’s been around for a long time, is still the best way to market to your fans and leads. While email marketing is very popular, it’s also one of the few ways you can get your client’s undivided attention. First, showcase your products or services, educate your avatar, and include a freebie to download to show your appreciation. Then, make sure you choose a platform, such as Convertkit, to upload your clients’ emails and start sending them emails regularly.


When planning your marketing, and you want to be successful, make sure to avoid these marketing pitfalls. Then, think through your marketing for 2023 and devise a plan that makes your marketing a big success!