• Welcome to “Her First Million,” A Podcast channel dedicated to empowering women business owners in manufacturing, construction, and trades.
  • Host: Amanda Bedell, your guide and business chaos sorter, shares her journey from owning a bakery to supporting other business owners.
  • Introduction of segments:
  • “Love Your Numbers”: Demystifying financial management for greater profitability.
  • “Ask Amanda”: Amanda answers business-related questions from viewers.
  • Interviews with successful women entrepreneurs.

Guest Introduction:

  • Special Guest: Monica Mack, founder of M3T Commissioning.
  • Background: Monica’s company provides comprehensive third-party custom-tailored commissioning programs for construction projects, focusing on risk management, safety, and best practices.

Interview Highlights:

  1. Monica’s Journey:
  • Transition from critical care nursing to holistic health inspired by her grandmother who lived to 103.
  • First job out of college as a systems engineer and test engineer, which led to commissioning for the U.S. Navy.
  • Founding m3t Commissioning and the challenges faced in a male-dominated industry.
  1. Industry Insights:
  • The importance of commissioning in construction and its impact on safety and best practices.
  • Trends in the industry, including the shift towards green building and public safety regulations.
  1. Overcoming Challenges:
  • The mindset needed to overcome obstacles and achieve success.
  • The significance of showing up authentically and building a supportive team.
  • Strategies to address gender-related challenges and biases in the industry.
  1. Advice for Aspiring Entrepreneurs:
  • Be patient and kind to yourself.
  • Know your talents and build a team that complements them.
  • The importance of networking and finding allies.
  1. Monica’s Business Philosophy:
  • Focus on customer needs and exceed their expectations.
  • Stay adaptable and resilient in a changing business landscape.
  1. Key Takeaways:
  • Success is a journey, not a destination.
  • The importance of persistence and not giving up.
  • Practical tips for managing self-doubt and imposter syndrome.


  • Recap of the episode’s key points.
  • Encouragement to viewers to pursue their dreams and stay resilient.

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Resources Mentioned:

Here are the links to Monica’s favorite resources to get you on your way to your first million and beyond.

Traction, by Gino Wickman


Bring Yourself: How to Harness the Power of Connection to Negotiate Fearlessly by Mori Taheripour 


(If you make a purchase I will make a small commission)

Monica and Amanda are prestigious Goldman Sachs 10,000 Small Businesses program graduates. It’s an excellent resource for existing businesses.

To see if you qualify or to apply, here’s the link: https://www.goldmansachs.com/citizenship/10000-small-businesses/US/

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